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Explorer Post LogoAbout the Post The Grafton Fire Department Explorer Post 9431 is a non-profit organization that assists the members of the Grafton Fire Department. Explorers are youth from the surrounding communities between the ages of 14 and 18 who are interested in the study of proper fire prevention and rescue. The Explorer Post practices once a month and participates in scheduled Department rehearsals twice a month. Explorers also help with Department functions such as Open House and Fire prevention.

The Explorers take part in a variety of firefighting activities. All new members must go through a 6 month probationary period during which they learn how to preform tank checks, set up hydrants, truck lay-out along with set up of most fire equipment. After 6 months, Explorers are encouraged to participate in the ride-along program. This program allows them to accompany firefighters on all calls except vehicle accidents. Explorers recieve pagers and are allowed to respond to calls during non-school hours as well as nights that do not precede school days. All Explorers are encouraged to participate in a 3 day annual fire camp that the Grafton Explorer Post holds. During camp, Explorers participate in workshops to enhance their fire knowledge and skills and gives them the opportunity to work with Explorers from other Posts. Annual fund-raisers are held to keep the Post supplied with funds and necessary safety equipment.

Along with attending Department rehearsals, Explorers also have the responsibility for operating the Post. The officers of the Post are elected annually by their peers to serve in leadership positions that are similar to those of the fire department.

An Explorer must demonstrate excellence in both the Post activities and school. The Post expects the best from its members, and demands that they uphold its fine reputation.

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